8 Box "Then and Now Mixer" - 2019 Immaculate and Prizm - College and Pro - PYT Evo Style

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Break Style: Pick Your Team Evolution

Total Spots: 32 (unfilled spots will "evolve" into random teams on break day)

What: The customer will receive all cards and/or memorabilia of the initial team the select. Individuals who purchase a spot after the break has "evolved" will be randomly assigned to one of the remaining teams using random.org.

When:  If it fills on or before this Friday, it breaks this Friday!

Where: We will be breaking LIVE, this Friday, at 4:00pm EST!

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    Product Lineup - 36 Monster Hits

    • (2) 2019 Immaculate Football - 10 hits
    • (2) 2019 Prizm Football - 6 hits
    • (2) 2016 Immaculate Collegiate - 10 hits
    • (2) 2019 Prizm Draft Picks - 10 hits