2017 Leaf Autographed Multi-Sport Jersey *Numbers Break 43*

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Break Style: Random Jersey Numbers

Total Spots: 10 ( 0-9 )

What: The customer will receive all cards and/or memorabilia in which final number displayed on the jersey is the number they are assigned to using random.org.

  • Examples:
    • Carson Wentz, #11 would go to #1
    • Tom Brady #12 would go to #2
    • Troy Aikman #8 would go to #8
    • Jerome Bettis #36 would go to #6

When:  Memorabilia Monday!

Where: We will be breaking LIVE, this Monday, starting around 8:00pm EST!

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Each Box contains One Autographed Jersey!

Leaf is pleased to announce the exciting follow up to its wildly successful football jersey product. 2017 Leaf Autographed Jersey Multi-Sport Edition!! This release features an incredibly wide selection of hand signed jerseys from a wide range of sports, including a handfil of extraordinarily rare signed jerseys!

Look for signed custom jerseys of popular names including:

- Roger Maris
- Andre the Giant
- Michael Jordan
- LeBron James
- Emmitt Smith
- Walter Payton
- Tom Brady
- Vin Scully
- Clayton Kershaw
- Nolan Ryan
- Greg Maddux
- Madison Bumgarner
- Julius Erving
- Ichiro Suzuki
and many more!!!