Loyalty Honors


Look, we appreciate the fact that some breakers offer "points" to reward their customers for the hard earned money they spend, but if Buckeye great Cris Carter did the math and saw that those points equated to $1 off for every $100 spent, he'd be like, "C'mon, man!".

If you've followed us from the beginning, you know that we're here to change the game, and that's why we've drawn up Buck City Breaks Loyalty Honors.

In a (buckeye) nutshell, here's how it works; if you spend more than $150 in a calendar month at buckcitybreaks.com (excludes anything not purchased from our website; E.g. Facebook, eBay, etc...), we'll reward your loyalty with different perks, free stuff and/or discounts! How does that sound? Rhetorical question. Keep reading for tiers and examples.

* NEW *

The Buck City Breaker Box

Your boys at BCB are kicking the door in on subscription boxes in a unique way! Break it yourself and pull some fire with the Buck City Breaker Box!

Each Buck City Breaker Box will include sealed hobby packs, supplies catered to the products in your box, a mini BCB branded breaker mat (OK, it's a mouse pad) AND MORE!

For more information on the Buck City Breaker Box, click here!

Loyalty Tiers

Silver ($150 - $299.99)

  • FREE Autographed Memorabilia Break - Exclusively for Silver Honors Members!

Gold ($300 - $499.99)

  • FREE Buck City Breaker Box with two (2) sealed hobby packs + any additional packs accumulated through Tough Breaks

Platinum ($500 - $999.99)

  • FREE Buck City Breaker Box with two (2) sealed hobby packs + any additional packs accumulated through Tough Breaks

  • 5% website discount for the entire following month

Buckeye ($1,000+)

  • FREE Buck City Loyalty Pack Break - Exclusively for Buckeye Members

  • 7% website discount for the entire following month

What's it all Mean?

FREE Break

  • We will perform one (1) FREE Break per tier, per month.

    • Memorabilia for Silver Break to be determined, but examples include; Leaf Autographed Football Jersey, Gold Rush Autographed Baseball Jersey, TriStar Autographed Full-Size Helmet, etc...

5% or 7% Website Discount

(Platinum and Buckeye Tiers Only)

  • On top of the other ridiculously awesome perks for these tiers, Platinum members will receive a 5% discount, while Buckeye members will score a 7% discount across the website for the entire following month!

    • Discounts cannot be applied to "Buck City Reserve Breaks"

  • Discount expires at the end of the following calendar month and will be reapplied if the member hits Platinum or Buckeye minimums.

*** This is yet another attempt of Buckeye City Sports Cards (AKA @BuckCityBreaks) to provide their loyal customers the best value in breaking ***

** Program details subject to change, and can change, at any time **

* Loyalty members, accumulated spending amounts, and perks reset at the beginning of every calendar month *